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TMNT 2003 2 stamp by Le-PineMarten



Foot Turtles AU (Shredder Reference)

The Shredder from my Foot Turtles AU! Standing at 6'5", this terror is always cloaked in samurai armor. He always speaks in a calm, concise manner, and his personality is very cold. He never takes off his mask. EVER.

Oroku Saki was set to be the leader of the Foot since he was the son of the previous Shredder, Oroku Nagi. Hamato Yoshi, another member of the Foot Clan, murdered Nagi when Saki was very young. Since killing a fellow member of the Foot is punishable by death, Yoshi fled to America. As soon as he acquired power, Saki moved the clan to America as well, planning to take vengeance on Yoshi.

Since he killed Hamato Yoshi in vengeance instead of justice, Saki’s mind was corrupted by hatred and rage. He warped the Foot into an organization criminal empire, and held the city of New York within his iron grip. Any who dared oppose him were tortured, and any who dared attack him were killed.

When his daughter Pimiko’s pet turtles were accidentally covered in mutagenic substance, Saki saw an opportunity for new weapons. He planned for the four turtles to recover Ninjutsu training. A year later, the same occurred to Karai’s batch of pets. With mutants and humans alike loyal to him, he felt unstoppable. It isn’t enough, however, to just have New York. The Shredder longs to control even more people, and will take any sacrifice necessary to do so.

I don't know if the other thing went through, so here we go again!

So, as you guys know (or in case you forgot), Brinstians are asexual and agender. As a result, they use a pronoun system that is different from Beasties or Humans. (1st person is the same, as is 2nd.)
•She/he/it = Che (chee)
•Her/him/it = Cher (chaer)
•Hers/his/its = Chers (chers)
•Herself/himself/itself = Cherself (cherself)
•They = Chey (chay)
•Them = Chem (chem)
•[a specific group of people] = Cherm (chaerm)

I hope I made this easy to understand! Let me know if you have any questions.


United States
Welcome to my profile! I haven't updated this baby in years! Anywho, I draw primarily in pencil, I occasionally use color pencil, and I have a weird sense of humor. I'm a total dork for TMNT and the like.

I'm also doing commissions, and more information on those is right here:

I hope you enjoy my art!


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Sorry for the interruption I'm happen to be a passebyer trying to look around for inspiriation and learn new ways of communicating with other members of deviantart. Now I feel very kind and I want to offer some of that kindness to others so that they can feel appreciated and also feel that there are people out there that to support you despite your level of artistery. And I gotta say, you certainly got a nice page there, don't mind me if I'm strolling around your page and taking a look-around. Since you do offer a unique style that I do enjoy. It's very astonishing and uplifting as well. In some cases, I would consider it even greater than mine. :D
neshirys Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2016
Thank you for the fave|watch by neshirys
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Wow, so pretty!
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Thanks a lot for the fav ! It's really really cool ! You can also +watch my page and ask comissions :#1:
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Hi! I need you little help :) (Smile)
Can you +fav this work Worm-Eaten Forest sketch
I participate in art`s competition.
Thanx a lot! I faved your work too! )
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