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TMNT 2003 2 stamp by Le-PineMarten



Foot Turtle AU Karai (Reference) by Mulunia
Foot Turtle AU Karai (Reference)

I made a bio/reference for Karai of my Foot Turtle AU!

Name: Oroku Karai
Gender Identity: Female
Sexuality: Demisexual
Family: Oroku Saki (adoptive father), Oroku Pimiko (biological sister)

Karai and her older sister Pimiko were abandoned by their birth family when they were just children. When Karai was 5 years old (and Pimiko 6), they were found and adopted by Oroku Saki, AKA The Shredder. The two sisters are The Foot’s top ninja, being bettered by only their father.

Karai is extremely loyal to The Shredder and takes her training very seriously. She is often annoyed by her older sister’s more laid back nature, and even moreso by the turtles. She has never liked the mutants, and the feeling has only intensified since they’ve begun to question her orders.

When the turtles spark a revolution within The Foot, Karai will stay strictly loyal to her father till the very end. If kept alive, she would take on the mantle of The Shredder herself…

Infiltrate (Page 1) by Mulunia
Infiltrate (Page 1)

Comic of mine! Yes, I drew a thing! Please let me know if you have difficulty reading it.

Anywho, I decided to do a thing where two of my OCs, Kappa and her unnamed apprentice, sneak into Foot Headquarters to… find a scientist? Who could that be? Why are they doing it? These questions will be answered!

…Once more pages are up.

Beastie Home and Charm by Mulunia
Beastie Home and Charm

Sketches related to Beasties! As one can see, they live in hollowed out trees. The circular objects are good luck charms with symbols carved into them. The one on the bottom right corner has the symbol of Sapphiris, the supermassive blue star that Brinstagon orbits.

Oh! One more thing! Due to this planet’s primary liquid (which I’ve decided to name aken) having properties lighter and slicker than water, the planet’s clouds don’t bunch up as much. Even with high amounts of evaporation, the result would be many cirrus clouds as opposed to a single stratus or cumulus cloud. Rain occurs when the planet cools at night.

Map of Brinstagon by Mulunia
Map of Brinstagon

A map of Brinstagon! The original was drawn in 2014 for a different story idea, but since I’ve made some changes to that, I recycled it for this one. When I noticed that the lower sea resembled a smile, I added the islands to make eyes!

Anywho, it may not look it, but the planet is massive and has more land than liquid. This liquid is thinner than water and slicker as well. When digested, it reacts to the chemicals in Beastie and Brinstian bodies and becomes more cohesive. The atmosphere contains no oxygen, and planets that do contain the element are considered “fire hazards” due to oxygen’s incendiary nature.

Beasties and Brinstians live all over the planet, although Beasties have insisted on keeping political boundaries time and time again (which will be covered another time).


Okay, guys, Sophomore Grading (or whatever you call it) is in a week or two, and I really want to do a comic to show my skills. The thing is, I can’t decide which idea to do! Here’s a list of things to possible things to focus on:

-Four Tribes
-Beastie Wars
-Dragon Infusion
-Adventure Adventures

All of these ideas are original, save for Four Tribes, which is an AU of Ninja Turtles (because I’m a dork). If you want to learn more about a specific idea, message or ask me! It would really help out!

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United States
Welcome to my profile! I haven't updated this baby in years! Anywho, I draw primarily in pencil, I occasionally use color pencil, and I have a weird sense of humor. I'm a total dork for TMNT and the like.

I'm also doing commissions, and more information on those is right here:

I hope you enjoy my art!

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